Saturday, September 25, 2010

By Way of an Introduction

When our seventeen year-old Pepper didn't wake up that Sunday morning about three and a half years ago, the Tall Lady and I both swore that we wouldn't get another cat. We kept that promise for a bit less than a month.

We began visiting the website of an organization called the "Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association", or VOKRA for short. VOKRA has no paid workers and no central shelter. Most of their cats live in foster homes in the care of volunteers. Two of their cats were shy eight month old sisters who were named Xena and Gabrielle. We knew we were on a slippery slope as soon as we met them. The adoption was quick and painless. Xena is our big, perfect cat, and Brie (not Gabby, if you please) is the little, odd one.

Last year (almost exactly a year ago), we decided that our two bedroom apartment was too big for just the two of us and our two furry spinsters. It was turning autumn, and VOKRA was still overwhelmed with spring and summer kittens, as well as a lot of older cats. Hey, we thought, we could foster. We had room, we had time and Brie and Xena were so patient and good-natured.

Pretty little Taylor arrived about a week later with her brothers Tabor and Timber. They were eight weeks old, curious, playful, and full of energy. Auntie Troll and Aunt Grouchy were not amused!

They were the first of the eighteen kittens who've stayed with us. They were followed by Cricket and Kimball (the Little Lepers), then by Raja and his sister Darcy, and next by Charlie and her sister Lucy. Next came Lemon Lennon, the Amazing Aquacat, followed by the Russian Mob (Anastasia, Natalia, Rasputin and Vladimir for heaven's sake!), who in turn were followed by the Chinatown Kittens (Sidney, her brothers Blaze and Wee Geordie) and their stepbrother Cole.

Cole and the Chinatown Cats are with us now. Xena and Brie have learned how to roll their eyes and shake their heads in unison.

Rasputin (Check)
This has been a hard week. Our buddy Check (formerly Rasputin), died Thursday. He had feline infectious peritonitis. He is survived by his sisters, Anastasia and Natalia, and his brother Vladimir. He made a big impression for someone who couldn't stay very long.

Our friend Linda has been caring for a strong, brave little cat who was dropped off at a veterinary clinic a few weeks ago after being hit by a car. She had pretty severe facial injuries and wound up losing her right eye. Following a lot of treatment by two different vets, she seemed to be well on her way to getting better. Linda's just told us that Miracle (what else could you call her?) died of her latest infection. 

VOKRA's ace trapper, Maria caught a little fat one awhile ago, and we all had a book running on how many kittens she was carrying. It turned out that Caery was a sick little boy, and he's gone too.  

We have a friend named Norma whose husband died some time ago. When I told her about Ras, she said it was all right because Bill always liked cats, and he'd look after him. 

I have a feeling that Bill's lap is gonna be crowded tonight,


  1. The blogosphere just got better. Best regards.

  2. Wow you have a way with words and kittens. Your blog will always be one of entertainment, you have such an interesting subject and so many of us are cat lovers.