Monday, November 8, 2010

The Monday Morning Social Club

The Tall Lady didn't go to work today, which is really unusual.

I think that she took a day off when her second son was born, but it might only have been the afternoon.

She has been away from work since Thursday because she has an infected cat bite...

You see, she had an honest misunderstanding with our gentle giant Geordie on Hallowe'en. This wasn't their usual misunderstanding - where he mistakes her finger for a Temptation or a Crunchy Cheeto - Geordie had just fallen off of our third floor balcony, and had broken his right leg. The Tall Lady was trying to help, but he didn't want to be touched. So he bit her...really, really hard!

Her finger just kept on swelling and swelling (and swelling!) until she couldn't bend it any more, which meant that she couldn't drive, which meant she couldn't drive to work.

She went to a walk-in clinic on Wednesday afternoon (McMedicine's, I think), and since she couldn't tell them how to fix it, they suggested that she go to the emergency room at Vancouver General Hospital to see if she could consult a physician whose diploma didn't have the word "novelty" printed on it.

The staff at VGH gave her some fine pharmacuticals through an IV (in her formerly good arm), and when those weren't satisfactory, they tried something else the next night and again on the third. Her finger is finally on its way down, along with the nausea and that other complaint.

She'll be back to work tomorrow, but today, she's just going to stay home and read with her little friends...

...all of her little friends.

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