Friday, December 10, 2010

Roxanne (Sapphire) the Birthday Girl

(I found a very pleasant greeting from my new friend, Laura, in my gmail inbox one morning last year, and I'd like to share it with all of you...again.)

Sleeping Roxy
 Hi Lee:

What a great and happy surprise to get your email! Lamin and I would be happy to give some information about Sapphire, now named Roxanne, for her and Lemon's first birthday!

Rubin and Roxanne
When we adopted Roxanne, she was the cutest little ball of fur. She bounced off the walls, constantly playing with her new buddy Rubin, (formerly named Mika) who was also adopted through the VOKRA program three years ago. 

When Roxanne came into our house, she was immediately curious and friendly. She was and still is a terrific snuggler when she's not playing with toys or Rubin. Roxy loves to pounce on Rubin and she races him up the stairs every night when we get ready for bed - first one on the bed every night, she always wins her favourite spot!

Roxanne is full of personality, and she constantly brings smiles to our faces when we see whatever she has gotten herself into or up to. She has brought so much joy to our lives and she has really helped to bring Rubin out of his shell. Our shy guy just loves his little sister's antics and the doting affection she gives him.

Thanks so much for requesting this information from us. We truly appreciate the work VOKRA does and the support your volunteers have given us through our two adoptions.

Laura and Lamin

Sleeping Beauties

(She sounds a lot like her other brother. Happy Second Birthday, Roxanne and Lemon.)


  1. Happy Birthday look like you have perfected the are of spooning!!
    It makes our day when we see happy stories like this..
    karen and VOKRA!

  2. Sleeping Roxy is SUCH a brilliant photo - I hope her forever parents don't mind that I downloaded it for my continued viewing pleasure!