Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Year, Another Page

Since I began posting Limited Vision in October of 2010, a number of friends have told me they've been considering starting blogs of their own. Actually, there's not really very much to it. This is how it works for me:

I just open the page, make my mind a complete blank, put fingers to keyboard, and Bob's your surrogate-mother's step-sister's third ex-husband. It's just that easy. Frequently, I find that the damn thing has just written itself.

It reminds me a bit of the scene in Frankenstein, where Colin Clive and Dwight Frye have just bunged that big, ol' lightning bolt into Boris Karloff, and are now shrieking in amazement, "It's alive - it's alive!". Now, if I could only get it to do its own proofreading.

Apparently, my friend Caer Weber was paying attention. At three o'clock this morning, the Rattlesnake on Dexedrine alarm on my new smart-ass phone sounded off to alert me to a new presence in the blogosphere.

The presence is called I Am. We Are, and it's Caer's own true story. She tells her readers how one person can become split and fragmented into a whole community of other, completely different individuals, each of whom has her or his own role to play in the growth, health and well-being of their host. I've heard much of the story before. She tells it honestly and she tells it well. Please give her blog a look - I'm sure you'll be back often.

* * *

My buddy Lemon Lennon, the Amazing Aquacat, now has his own Facebook page, called Lemon the Cat .  He has many fans and friends already, so this should just make his popularity skyrocket. I'm a little concerned that he might be considering a career in politics, but then I remember, we're had far, far worse.

* * *

As I'm writing this post, or rather, as it's writing itself, Limited Vision has had seventeen hundred and ninety-five views (no, smarty - not just today). Most of my readers are in Canada and the US, but I've picked some up in the UK, France, Germany, Greece and Qatar. I am losing my Russian readers, though. Last week, I found a South American audience with my two readers in Argentina...or maybe the same reader looked twice. This is not only easy - it's a blast.

My statistics page indicates that there are even some readers in Malaysia. To the best of my recollection, I don't have any relatives there, although my brother Jim was a bit of a lad...

Try to have fun with this, Caer - you'll be great.

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