Monday, May 9, 2011

Embracing the Dark Side

Raspberry Reese
Darkness has fallen upon the bright and spotless world of the Flying Fellini Sisters. It has been about a month since that pest, Blaze, left their apartment to make life hell for his new big sister, Gilda, and they have been in Big Cat Paradise. I told them it couldn't last forever.

On Saturday, the Tall Lady and I went to visit Karen Duncan. We came back with a large, green pet carrier filled with trouble. Inside, there were three small, lively, curious alien invaders. We brought home kittens - again!

These are three perfect little boys about twelve weeks of age. All three are (sort of) black and they range in size from little Reese, with his skinny shoelace of a tail, to big, fluffy Dickens, who looks like a furry pompom. Malcolm, of course, is in the middle.

Devil Dickens
They arrived with all of the very worst habits that kittens could possibly possess - they are active, they are playful and, horror of horrors, they are friendly. Dickens - the devil - has decided that he likes Xena, and will not stop touching the Big Perfect Cat's big, perfect tail.

Reese is the scrawny, little clown of the litter, and will perhaps always be the first to kitten. He was the first to leave the green carrier, the first to settle on the Tall Lady's lap and the first to say hello to Auntie Brie. This makes him the first to get punched on his little black nose, but it seems to be of small consequence. He's having a blast here!

For the first day, Malcolm was the shyest kitten of the trio, but it's not really a good adjective for any of these boys. He is as much of a pet as his brothers now.

Today was Laundry Day, which I normally enjoy anyway. Apparently, though, I've been doing it wrong. I haven't been observing the proper safety protocols, as I discovered when those three fearless kittens rounded up and subdued our unruly underpants for me. I had no idea how cunning, willful and dangerous Fruit of the Looms could be!

The boys aren't very good at folding our clothes yet. After all, it was only their first time. They'll get better, I suppose. The Tall Lady probably won't ever let them iron.

They love each other, and they sleep together in a tight little pile of fur, feet and foreheads, but they like everyone and everything that they find in their new home. They will be comfortable almost anywhere.

Malcolm in the Middle
That makes me a little bit sad. The boys will be on VOKRA's gallery page as soon as they are socialized, and cats don't come a lot more sociable than these little scoundrels are already. We'll have them until someone meets and adopts them, and one of my FaceBook pals has just expressed interest in all three of them!

I'm determined to enjoy them for the short time that they'll be with us, and they seem just as determined to let me. They Tall Lady is having a hard time getting anything done with three little cats glued to her lap. She and I have already embraced the Dark Side.

The Flying Fellini Sisters will probably be glad to see the back of them...but I think Xena might be wavering...

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