Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm very pleased to be able to share Kass' progress reports on our pal Ronny:

Ronny aka "Raffles"  
April 24, 2012
Hello to both of you,

Elegant, Urbane Raffles
Just a progress report on the handsome cat.  He has absolutely blossomed in the last few days.  He is no longer bolting away when I come into the room, he actually leaves about half of his food for later consumption and is totally enamored of Mimi.  She is treating him like a pesty little brother, they do cuddle and the cat races commence around 5:30 am until 7:00 am and again at around 8:00 pm until bedtime.  He is just the most affectionate little guy and I am enjoying him very much.  He has amassed a healthy collection of tinfoil balls although I am not sure where he is stashing them, he has also realized that “they come from the kitchen” and if you sit and meow a new tinfoil ball is forthcoming from the magic drawer.  I have installed some sturdy netting around the patio so that he can’t wobble off the edge although he is not terribly interested in going outside, he has a quick look and comes right back in the house, perhaps over time he will relax a little and realize that no one will hurt him out there.  So, I hope that the girls are not missing him too much, I truly wish I could have taken all three of them together but Mimi just wouldn’t have made that big an adjustment, I am actually surprised at how far she has come in such a short time as she found the wobble a bit disconcerting at first but as she is also a very affectionate little being I am glad they are adjusting so well.

By the way, how is Leonard?  I also particularly enjoyed reading about “Lemon”!



Raffles, the Gentleman Cat
Raffles the Gentleman Cat
April 27, 2012 


I would post to your blog but I don't remember the login I set up.  A couple of pictures of the most handsome fellow and one of Mimi.   He has really settled in and he and Mimi are roaring around like maniacs!  The latest and best game is to hide under the couch and ambush whomever strolls by, Raffles (formerly Ronnie) has taken to peering under there every time he walks into the room, he is one smart boy but Mimi still gets him, she waits until he has looked, scoots under the other side and grabs him after he has confirmed a “no Mimi” sighting.  I thought they were going to bring the place down last night – downstairs neighbor is being very tolerant of thundering herds of cats hitting walls and knocking things over all at 130 MPH.  Raffles loves the footstool, he is particularly taken with the crystals as they make quite a good noise when you pull on them either one at a time or as a group (which you can do from the top or even better lying underneath, the fringe has the added benefit of being on all four sides so you can entertain yourself endlessly.  I can’t imagine life without him.

ps.  regards to Leonard


Beautiful Big Sister, Mimi   

 In the 1890's, author E.W. Hornung created the character of Arthur J. Raffles, as a response to the stories written by his brother-in-law, Arthur Conan Doyle about a consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes.

Raffles is a noted cricketer who has become popular in the higher circles of English society for his athletic prowess. This gains him many invitations to the homes and celebrations of the wealthy and important, who are unaware of Raffles' true sphere of interest - A.J. Raffles is also a cat burglar.

Clever, charming, quick of hand and sure of step, Raffles is an elegant rogue with his own peculiar code of ethics. He is an accomplished thief of hearts, loyalties and of other items of varying value. His stories were published in the collections, The Amateur Cracksman, The Black Mask, A Thief in the Night, and in the novel, Mr.Justice Raffles.

My buddy, Ronny the Rocket, has chosen "Raffles" as his new name. I think it suits him to a tee.

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