Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A New Brave New World

I have no excuses; the blog is back, and has been away for far too long. Well, I've missed it.

I keep looking at the date of my last post (March 30, 2013), and asking why it's taken me so long to get back. It's not that I'm too busy, because this takes no time at all. Nor is it that it's not convenient. Like Louis Lamour, I can write anywhere, and now, I have the perfect tool to do just that.

A few months ago, I wandered into my favourite purveyor of bright, shiny things, and I purchased a pretty, little seven-inch tablet device called a Proscan 7. It is considered a toy for especially dense children, and has been reviewed poorly by adult buyers who were expecting to get an I-Pad for under a hundred bucks. It was an experiment, though. I wanted to determine if I needed a tablet, and I do. It's taken on all of the tasks of my poor, tired, little smart phone, with the sole exception of calling the home planet and keeping in touch with my own people.

It was also supposed to let me decide what I need to look for when I'm shopping for a better device, and in this matter, it has been a complete failure! The little bastard appears to be perfectly sufficient to my requirements.

If I had one complaint, it was that the on-screen keyboard was too dainty for my thick, clumsy digits, and that typing was difficult and tedious. I've found an optional case/keyboard/stand for my wee beastie, and now, I don't even have that to whine about. No, sadly there will be no upgrade in the forseeable future. It's even taken the starch out of my best excuse for not blogging - even with its case, it is as portable as a paperback book.

So, I suppose that the only reason I have left for not writing would be that I've got nothing left to say. Regular visitors will tell you that's never stopped me before.

I guess that this is in the nature of a warning to all of you, and the warning is this: look out - I appear to be back.

Have you missed me?

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