Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The New Ronny

Ronny has become a new cat in the last two months. He has been working out.

He and his sister Rena have discovered a new, favourite toy. It is a ball made of the foil lining from a package of cigarettes, and Ronny, in particular, will chase it until he is breathless and exhausted. I don't know when he started smoking.

When our friend Maria Soroski went out to Abbotsford to move him and his sisters, she complained about how much trouble it was catching the two fat ones. They had been habituating the parking lot of the McDonald's there, begging french fries from tender-hearted, soft-headed patrons of that franchise, and perhaps they were something other than svelte.

The best result of this new exercise programme is that they are no longer the fat ones. The meat on Rena's still slightly big bones has turned into hard, solid muscle, and Handsome Ronny has become a lean, mean, felleen machine. He is so pleased with himself that he has almost entirely forsaken wobbling in favour of a proud, leonine strut.

He will spend hours at a time, bounding down our long, carpeted hallway in pursuit of his magical, silver sphere. After each run, he will either return the ball to the person who threw it for him, or will carry it to Rena, so the two of them can enjoy a rousing game of Wobbly Cat Soccer together. When the game is finished, our good little lad always remembers to put their toy away in its traditional storage place...under the kitchen stove.

Their sister, Reba the Diva, was adopted last month by a very nice lady who has just emailed to inform us that her beautiful new cat has a bit of a hearing loss. In truth, we never noticed, but I'm pretty sure that Ronny's hearing is fine. It is certainly acute enough to summon him back from the parallel universe to which bored cats go whenever I creak and groan down onto the floor to peer under the stove with my flashlight.

My own hearing is acute enough to perceive his evil, little chuckle.

Ronny had his own date earlier this week. A lady named Kass came over to meet him to see if he would make a good companion for her eight year-old Mimi. I am protective of our foster cats, so I was determined to dislike her on first meeting. She stayed and she visited for about forty-five minutes. As much as I tried, and as critical as I wanted to be, I'm ashamed to say that I couldn't find anything wrong with her.

Kass has now paid the fee, signed the papers, and she will be coming to collect her big handsome kitten on Friday morning.

Ronny has been a joy to foster, and we will miss him. I think that Kass, and maybe even Mimi, will come to love the great, clumsy, good-hearted lug, and they will spoil him as rotten as he deserves. Kass is already telling her friends and neighbours about our beautiful Rena and la Bella Bianca, so they may follow him out our door soon.

Thank God we still have Leonard!

The Full Ronny


  1. Hi there, just a little note about the cat with the most extravagant whiskers and plumy tail. He has decided that I am in fact not "the person who ruined his life". He is enjoying the room service, and has moved himself from the spare room into my bedroom, he does not do "daytime" appearances but is very happy to roam around at night and periodically park himself on my bed for lavish pats and belly rubs. He is also making himself available from under the bed within reach for daytime pats etc. He and Mimi have had a few close encounters during his nocturnal roaming but aside from a little hissing and then running away (on both their parts) they seem to be managing fine. Mimi is already looking for him, she doesnt' actually want to talk to him but she wants to know where he is, just in case. I am sure given a few more days he will just appear and demand a ball, foil or other wise. Will keep you posted.


  2. Thank you, Kass. Good work, Ronny and Mimi!

  3. I have known Kass for only about 35 years - and if I had to rehome our three cats (and our barn cat) PLUS our dog, Kass would be at the top of our list! She's a good cat momma!